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Abundance ~ Joy ~ Manifestation


Citrine energizes every level of life. It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition, attracts wealth, prosperity and success and imparts joy, delight and enthusiasm. This stone is a powerful tool for raising self-esteem and self-confidence and activates your centres of motivation and creativity.  Citrine makes you less sensitive to criticism and improves negative or stuck thinking by promoting a positive outlook towards life. As sunlight warms the earth in the spring to encourage fertility and growth, Citrine does the same within the body.


CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus


♥ The Energizer Stone ♥


Citrine is the master elevator and energizer. Just holding it in your hand during meditation or having it nearby in the space, you will feel its potent effects on your energy levels. Because of the massive amounts of energy and vitality that citrine brings into your life, it is not advisable to keep it in the bedroom as it will likely keep you awake! Work with this stone in the daylight to best experience its effects!


*Please note that your crystal will not be the exact crystal in the photo. However, it will be a very closely matched in terms of colour, size, shape and appearance,  and consciously chosen for you.

Citrine Sphere

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