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This Crystal combination is designed to assist you in all matters of the heart. Keep this jar nearby to help you focus on self-love, learn to honour yourself, heal past pain and heartache, and to open your heart to new love and passion.


Crystals include:


✩ Hot Pink Aura Quartz

✩ Rose Quartz

✩ Kunzite

✩ Opalite

✩ Pink Tourmaline

Heart Healer Crystal Confetti Jar

  • We currently ship with Canada Post (Canadian Orders) & DHL (International Orders)

    Please allow at least 2-5 business days for your order to be processed & shipped.

    Please note that during high volume periods, our shipping carriers may experience delays. The below information is based on normal order volumes.

    Delivery destination

    Delivery time (Estimated)*


    3 business days


    3 business days

    Nova Scotia

    4 business days

    New Brunswick

    4 business days

    Prince Edward Island

    4 business days


    7 business days


    5 business days


    5 business days


    5 business days


    7 business days

    North West Territories

    7 business days

    British Columbia

    6 business days

    USA Orders: 3 - 5 days (You may experience extended lead times due to several impacts of COVID-19)

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